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Many businesses are opting to add search engine optimization to their online marketing strategy. Why? The best answer to that question is found in key role that visibility plays in marketing. Using SEO tools to tailor website content can allow search engines to find the information you need consumers to see.

Search engine optimization applies knowledge of the algorithms that search engines use in order to create content that those search engines can pickup easily. For this reason, SEO works for all consumers, and not just the average clients. In fact, 57% of marketers specialized in business to business marketing believe that SEO is the most effective tool in their tool box.

Why do SEO professionals know so much about Google, including the fact that the Google company headquarters are mowed by rented goats, or that the first Google doodle was in 1998 and inspired by burning man?

Over 100 billion global search quarries are entered every month. Of that whopping 100 billion about 65% of searches are made using Google’s search engine. This figure puts google fare and above the competition, and makes their search engine the platform to optimize for. Google rankings are not the end all be all of search engine rankings, but they might as well be. If you cannot effectively reach 65% of your potential consumers, then your marketing plan has serious problem.

Now, SEO is branching out further than ever before. One of the largest markets that SEO is reaching out to is that of mobile internet users. More precisely, SEO is now optimizing for both search engines, and smartphone and tablet platforms. These platforms represent one of the fastest growing markets for online marketing. Currently 65% of mobile internet users are using their phones or tablets to seek out local businesses and make purchases. What is more, many people that do use those mobile devices believe that when a website is not optimized for mobile platforms the business behind that website does not care for their business.

Tapping into the mobile markets means formatting content. The good news for SEO marketing gurus and business owners alike is that the vast majority of that market belongs to ether Apple’s iOS, or Android’s Droid operating system.

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