Window Shades You Must Have in Your Home – Art Magazines Online

Indra Chavez offers an overview of the various varieties of window shades.

First, there is the Roman shade that has distinctive folds stacked evenly over each other once opened. It comes with a wide range of different options that can be customized and gives some class to the rooms. The product is not recommended for bathrooms because it encourages mildew growth.

A different type shade for windows is the roller shade. It consists of fabric or vinyl rolled around a tube at the top of the window. The window’s design is straightforward and elegant. It can also be combined by putting curtains on top. The unit is reasonably priced.

Solar shades are another kind of window shade. It block UV rays and light glare from sunlight. It is also similar to roller shades. This shade has a major problem: it’s hard to detect at night due to the higher light.

Cellular shades are the last choice. It’s made of two pieces of fabric with air pockets. Though it’s energy-efficient, the fabric is a great fit for families that have children. However, it may be fragile and difficult to clean.


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