Why Organizations Need Third Party Employment Verification Companies

The e verify compliance means that you have conducted a thorough check on a potential employee before hiring him/her to undertake various activities in the organization. The e verify compliance process involves internet-based research on an incoming employee for employment authorization in the United States. Most of the companies have been conducting e verify compliance by themselves, which is time-consuming and costly as well. So, what are the benefits of hiring e verify compliance services from a third party employment verification services?


1. Concentrate on other Aspects


Background screening services have proved to be very important in running the affairs of the company and ensuring that the organization has the right employees operating in the organization. However, there is no hiding the fact that background checks are time-consuming and difficult. Senior members of the organization should not take time conducting background screening checks of thousands of employees who are willing to work for the company. Most of the professional background screening companies can easily handle that role while senior members of the company concentrate on improving other critical areas of the company.


2. Getting the Right Employees


The success of any company depends on the employees working in the company. With the right employees, the company is destined for success. However, determining the best and right employees to work in a particular company is not an easy process. It requires employee screening bodies that have been in the industry for a longer period. Most of these bodies have been able to analyze thousands of workers, and they know the traits demonstrated by an employee with the right attitude. These organizations will, therefore, bring the best employee to work in the company.


3. Employment Eligibility


Most of the employers around the country have little or no information on e verify employment eligibility verification. The government guided verification process determines individuals to be employed in the country. However, employers knowingly or unknowingly avoid this stage and employee various individuals only for the government to later highlight that the employment process was illegal and thereby stands revoked. However, with third-party employment verification, such hindrances are not likely to face the company. Third party employee verification bodies understand every step of the employment process and do so strategically and seamlessly.


4. Professional Verification


Hundreds of companies have employed various individuals on their premises only to realize down the road that most of the employees are not suitable or do not have the skills to handle a particular job. This is because these individuals provided false information during recruitment and got the job without matching skills. Studies show that more than 50% of job applicants provide false information on their resume to get jobs.


The human resource manager in the company might not have the skills to understand a false resume or a forged certificate. However, a professional background screening company will instantly detect anomalies on the resume and certificate and hence eliminate the chances of employing individuals who do not match the skills needed.


5. Personal Identification


Identity theft is also a common aspect with a considerable number of people providing false information about their details so that they can gain an advantage when it comes to job opportunities. It is very difficult for a standard human resource manager to detect an individual who is lying about his/her details. However, background screening companies can easily detect inconsistencies in the documents, and the information provided potential employees hence eliminating the chances of employing an individual with identity theft.


6. Avoid Negligent Hiring


Negligent hiring is the hiring process that does not follow the required procedures in determining the suitability of the job. If an employee causes severe damages to the company or customers due to lack of skills or knowledge, the company will be sued for negligent hiring. However, background screening services are essential in helping the company to employ the right employees and avoid negligent hiring.


All companies want talented, trained, and experienced employees who can propel the company to the next stage. However, employing such workers is a hard task due to the complexity of the selection process. However, background screening organizations provide a cheap and speedy alternative for companies employing thousands of employees.

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