Which Category Ethernet Cable Should You buy? – Tech Talk Radio Show

Hoose. There are many categories that you can choose from, such as 5and 6 as well as 7. It’s possible you’re not aware of the significance of these numbers, how they differ from one another as well as which one is best. You may automatically think that the number with the highest value will be the top, but this might not be the situation. This video will help you understand which categories you should buy.

This is the category which determines the rating of the cable. These cables can transfer information at greater speeds. These cables can be capable of carrying more data. A cable in the category 6 can transmit 10 gbps . It’s an ideal choice to go with, as a general rule, especially when you’re working with your laptop or computer. Higher categories could not be enough and you may never even be aware of the distinction. However, speak with an expert to ensure you purchase the correct cable for your specific needs.


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