When Is Structural Foam Molding Appropriate For A Manufacturer to Use?

When a manufacturer needs large custom-made components that are durable and fit perfectly into other components, structural foam molding is an appropriate process to create the parts. Reaction injection molding (also known as RIM) is the procedure that creates molded polyurethane parts by fusing two liquids which later harden.

Simply put, molded polyurethane is a type of plastic that can be made to perfectly encapsulate other manufacturing parts. Here’s why structural foam molding is beneficial to certain manufacturers.

Creates Reinforcements

The encapsulation molding process is used to reinforce or protect other manufacturing materials. In many cases, this type of injection molded enclosure is placed around metallic materials such as steel.

With structural foam molding, the inner material is perfectly protected and strengthened through a mold that fits it precisely. this type of durability may even make certain materials weather-proof.

Low-Pressure Process

Structural foam molding is a low-pressurized process. Foamed RIM materials are actually made up of tiny particles which have cells as small as 0.001 inches. Due to their size and fluidity, these microcellular particles can be molded quickly and through low pressure.

Using lower pressure decreases the risk of other materials being damaged or affected by heat during the injection molding process.

Useful For Manufacturing Containers

In 2015 about 34.5 million tons of plastics were manufactured in the United States alone. Most of these plastics were dedicated as packaging and containers. the structural foam molding process is especially useful to container manufacturers. Due to the precision and strength of the polyurethane injection molding, containers of any size and shape can be easily created on a budget. This protects both the products meant to be sealed in the injection molded enclosure, and it allows for manufacturers to make an extra profit on containers alone.

Can Your Process Benefit From Structural Foam Molding?

If your manufacturing materials can benefit from reinforcement or you need containers to create specific packaging for your products, structural foam molding is for you. It can save you money, provide protection for your materials, and it can also reinforce your materials if that type of enclosure is necessary. Keep your manufacturing needs a main priority. Contact us to explore your specific options further.

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