What are Primary Care Doctors? – Healthy Balanced Diet

It is recommended to have one.

A PCP is the physician that is responsible for the health of your family and can be asked to be called regardless of what the problem is. The PCP sees children and the family physician will visit every member of the family. Internal medicine doctors may consult with adults.

The health of your body can be enhanced by PCPs who test you for conditions like heart diseases, the diabetes epidemic, and cancer. Since they see you every year, they provide constant health care. They can build your medical history and trust with you.

They also aid with chronic conditions. Since they’re the ones who visit you the most frequently they will help identify which therapies will work most effectively for you. If you are suffering from IBD or arthritis, you should definitely have a PCP.

They will coordinate your care with doctors , and aid in treatment management. They will allow you to have a complete list of your medications so you’re aware of any potential negative reactions.

Take a look at this short video to find out more about the role of PCP.


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