Tornado Splits in Two! – Entertainment Videos

It is recommended to anticipate tornadoes in order to give individuals enough notice to be safe. But, they are equally unpredictable and gorgeous. The video below shows one of the most amazing tornadoes with split. The trouble is twice as bad.

The video begins with few storm chasers watching the funnel cloud with keen interest. The funnel cloud is an airborne tornado that’s still in the air but it hasn’t yet fallen. The funnel cloud will eventually fall and forms a tiny tornado. It’s an open field , making it clear to see. It is distinct because it is made up of several vortices which originate from the funnel cloud. In essence, it’s one massive spinning mass, with two small spinning points within of it. It’s an incredible visual. As time passes, the vortices get more defined. It also appears like two tornadoes that are in a row. The tornado can be observed sucking on a barn roof later in the video. The farmers need to contact roofers to repair the damage.


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