Tornado Devastates Northern Michigan – Strong Scene Contest

They’re most prevalent in Michigan. But, when they do typically, they catch the people off guard. In this video you’ll see the aftermath of a strong tornado hit the town of Gaylord, Michigan.

This video is made up of several clips that were taken from various angles within one particular tornado. In one clip, the car is parked on the road recording the tornado while it is passing close by. Though the winds can whip up violently at times, it’s not easy to gauge their intensity. Then you can see that the roof is flying away while it’s being driven by an erupting tornado. This is an incredibly terrifying display of power. If you are unfortunate enough to live in such a structure will need extensive commercial roofing repair.

Tornadoes are classified between an EF0 or EF5 according to their force. If a tornado has not yet been present on the ground, it can be difficult to precisely measure its force. The severity of the damage usually determines wind strength. The storm could have been at the upper end of the spectrum. This is especially evident by the damage that it caused to the other clips.


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