This Minecraft Mod Adds a Small Feature with Big Implications – Alabama Wild Man

It is possible to install the modpacks for osting in order to be able to share your experience with others. Modpacks are able to add an entirely new experience to servers. Mods are updated every week, which is especially vital. In this video, you’ll find out about some of these mods.

A mod that makes an impression is one that stands out is the Advancement Plaques mod. At first glace, this mod looks rather unassuming. This mod replaces the previous advanced notification which users would see at the top of their screens. The advance plaque is now positioned out with the large banner/plaque set in the middle of the screen. There’s even a small sound effect. However, this small mod opens up large possibilities. You can customize the sound and appearance of the plaque. Therefore, it will be quite simple for modpack creators to integrate this mod into the pack and tailor it to fit the theme. This may sound insignificant but it is a great opportunity to create something unique. are almost limitless with this blank canvas. You can be sure that you’ll get to encounter more versions of this mod later on.


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