Summer Home Improvement Ideas to Keep Your House Cool During the Hot Chicago Summer – Skyline Newspaper

They are not the best idea to create shade. It will take several years before they will offer this advantage. Structures made of wood, such as pergolas or gazebos can make outdoor spaces more relaxing. The deck can be shaded, without breaking the bank by using a fabric canopy or an awning. Shade sails are able for shade on your garden or patio. An overhang of bamboo or twigs on top of the beams might be enough create a natural shade canopy. Maybe an umbrella that is large enough can be the answer if you need something that can be moved. Also, for higher-end hardscaping, build an elegant and elegant loggia. Hardscaping offers many options to cool your house. A high fence can do miracles in cooling your home.
8. Insulation for the Attic

Insulating your attic can reduce the cost of your energy bills and improve the longevity of your roof by helping to prevent ice damming, roof deck/shingle decay, and other issues. The insulation of your attic can lessen the effort performed by the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature. The possibility of air transfer exists in those areas that are out of the home like garages and basements. Insulate your home to reduce temperatures in the summertime. The DOE declares that an uninsulated Chicago attic should have an R value between 49 and 60. The R-value should be between 38 and 49 if you’ve got 3-4 inches of insulation.

These figures are simply recommendations, and you must talk to your roofer or insulation contractor to know the requirements for your house. The DOE suggests a minimum R-value of 25-30 for insulation flooring. The EPA believes that homeowners will reduce heating and cooling expenses which is 11% of the total energy bills by air seals on their homes, and adding insulation for attics, flooring above crawl spaces and basement rim joists. Bob Vila estimates that the average attic insulation cost in the US range from $2,500 to $2,000.

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