Learn the Basics of Trusts – Finance Video

Are you confused concerning trusts? There plenty of people who don’t know about trusts. Trusts are a great way to protect your property and your estate. Estate planning is something to consider as early as possible. There is a good chance that you will engage the assistance of estate lawyers and trusts who can help you through this process, and assure you that you’re making the right choices. In this tutorial you’ll be taught trust basics that will help you start and build a solid foundation upon which you can continue the estate planning process.

You should be acquainted with two types of trusts. The testamentary trust, commonly known as death trusts or will trusts is the most common type of trust. They can be used even after you have passed. The other side of the coin is that another kind of trust is called living trustand they are in existence throughout your life. The living trust comes with the greatest benefit of all: it does not need to be probated. It also comes with two different types of living trusts that we’ll discuss in this video.


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