How to Improve the Promotion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – This Week Magazine

You should create your own Equal Opportunity and the Diversity Policy. It can show prospective employees that you appreciate the diversity of its employees regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or ethnicity.

Another great policy to implement is Anti-Bullying and Harassment, and Mental Health and Wellbeing. These will ensure the employees you offer an atmosphere that is secure and safe that allows them to feel comfortable and be their best. This will help make your business appealing to prospective applicants to fill open positions.

It’s important to build an environment that encourages new employees to feel at ease and to talk with them and their managers in case they have any concerns. A cultural element that your workplace has can help a lot of employees feel safe and feel like they are able to ask questions whenever they feel stuck. It’s all important for any kind of company.


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