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There are health risks due to the presence of chemicals and bacteria in soil

It is possible that you are interested in hiring an excavating machine to empty your tank instead of paying local sanitation companies. Check to see if they’ve been certified by BCA and licensed by DEQ.

Cost of New Shingles

The cost of new shingles for homeowners can range from $300 to $400 per square foot. It includes the materials, work, and other costs involved to changing your roof. Costs will differ based upon the dimensions of your home and the kind of shingle used (such as steel or asphalt) as well as the amount of layers, and even how many different styles you want to install on your exterior.

It is possible to contact your roofing professional to inquire about the cost of installing new roof shingles.

Cost of an Real Estate Attorney

If you’re planning to purchase a home, it’s important to have the right real estate attorney. A professional lawyer will help you get rid of legal problems and certain that all goes as planned.

The cost for hiring an Las Vegas real estate attorney is between $3500 and $5,000 per hour. It varies greatly based the location you reside in Nevada as well as the level of familiarity the lawyer has with your particular situation.

New Driveway Costs

A new driveway costs an average of $5,000. Concrete driveways cost between $7,000-$8,000, while asphalt driveways cost $4000 to $5,000. However, based upon the width that your driveway is, the expense could be higher or lower.

In the example below, if you have a small backyard with an area around 100 feet in length and 30 feet wide, then the paver will be charged about $1 per square foot for laying down new cement on top the existing foundation of sand or gravel. If you have a bigger backyard (400 feet in length), then this same company could charge you more than $2-$3


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