How Not to Drive a Manuel Vehicle – Your Oil

If you have a guideline, there are certain things you should never take care to not. If you are in need of an auto shop who can rebuild your transmission if there is damage.

First thing you should avoid is putting your feet onto the clutch. Even if you aren’t applying any pressure, the pedal is forced down which causes the friction discs in the clutch to slide. The heat created by this causes the clutch to wear with time. It also reduces fuel efficiency.

Another tip is to never put your car in neutral on a hill. It is better to put the car in reverse the reverse position first before applying the brake. This way, even if the parking brake is not working, the vehicle shouldn’t roll downwards.

Also, don’t coast to neutral. In reality, this isn’t saving the fuel as most automobiles today do this as they go downhill. It is extremely dangerous as it makes it more difficult to steer the car when it is going downhill. Further, it cuts off fuel supply to the engine. This can lead to damage to the engine. The possibility exists for the engine to get too hot, and perhaps even stop working.


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