How Exactly Do Bail Bonds Work? – Mezzanine Financing Legal News

When someone is detained If someone is arrested, they are placed in jail until a bail hearing. A bail hearing occurs when judges decide on how much bail you need to post. The bail amount can be very high but if it isn’t affordable for you to pay it, you’ll be placed in jail for a period of time until your trial day.

There’s a second option, which is to engage a bail agency.

In the event that you phone the bail agency, be willing to disclose the full name of the person who is in jail, along with the name of the jail, their booking numberas well as the charges.

The cost for bail brokers typically is 10-15% of the all bail amounts. However, the circumstances can alter the amount charged. For example, if the judge gives a bond amount of $5000 and the bail agent charges 15 percent of the cost, you will have to pay a cost of $750 to the agent. The cash will never be returned to the bail agent.

After payment of the charge and collateral has been transferred to the bail agent will post the bail on your behalf and you will be released until your court date.

You could face serious consequences for not showing up to court on time. You can watch the video below for more about bail bonds and what will happen if you fail to be present at your trial.


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