How Bail Bond Companies Make Money – Legal Terms Dictionary

pay later to purchase goods or services. It can be hard to grasp the flow of money in society due to it being abstract and dependent on trust. This is particularly true in circumstances that trigger emotions, for instance, the time we get a bailout out of jail.

The staff at bail bond agencies are keen to assist you in understanding where your money goes and how a bail bondsman is paid when you use their service. In order to help, they have posted this instructive video that explains exactly what a bail-bond company gets paid.

In the event that you have to be bail out of jail, you are able to pay a bailiff an amount of bail that is set in laws. The bondsman can place the bail amount and ask you to attend court. Once you’re there the bondman receives the bail back. He also keeps your premium.

If you, however the bondholder fails to show up in court, the bondsman is permitted to arrest you. In the event that he has to turn you in to the police, he receives the entire bond refunded to him. He retains the bond’s premium. The premium is retained by the bondsman, in either the case.

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