How a Sons Brilliant Marketing Saved Their Family Restaurant – Food Magazine

te doing delivery for a short time. A lot of these establishments have been forced to close. Finding authentic Mexican eateries can be difficult enough. Nico Like many customers, was disappointed to see their Mexican restaurant closed. Carlos said his father tried to cover it up but it was evident that he was devastated over the idea of closing the restaurant he loved for ten years. Carlos, however, had different plans.

Carlos stated that his family never gives up, so he will not give up on their restaurant and their dreams. Carlos produced a brief video on the restaurant using his expertise in social media including TikTok. The video simply showed the before and after of his father getting excited about the restaurant’s opening and a follow-up cut of his father crying in the event that nobody comes. This video attracted millions internet users’ affection and admiration. A lot of people have been to this restaurant and enjoyed the amazing meals. They also be aware of how delicious this food is. There are many other local restaurants offering great meals and low crowds. You should visit one of the family-owned restaurants.


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