Getting Up Close to an Iowa Tornado! – Entertainment News Today

There could be severe wind gusts, inches of rainfall or golf-ball-sized hail. Storms can trigger severe storms . You may have the services of a storm damage business. Some storms can create a tornado. The science of these freaks of nature. We don’t exactly know what causes them in some instances. In this video, we see a Iowa tornado in close proximity.

Iowa is known for its twisters that caused destruction to corn fields during the last few years. Due to its flat, flat terrain which is ideal for the development of tornadoes. Its ability to reliably produce tornadoes has created an entirely new industry. Storm chasers can be paid by thrill-seekers to take them as close as possible to the path of a tornado. That’s what you can see in the video. A lucky tourist could see a beautiful funnel plow across these fields in Iowa. It was difficult to spot initially because of the fog covering. After a few minutes the funnel became clear. Unfortunately , a few houses were damaged from the tornado. It did not cause any harm to anyone.


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