Different Types of Wooden Trusses – Family Dinners

Trusses come in a variety that can be used depending upon the design of your house. This video explains the various varieties of wooden trusses are suitable for the construction of your house.

The truss that is commonly used is the most commonly used and cost-effective one used for timber framing. Lower tie beams join two rafters in the middle. This trust type is simple, yet it has been used over the years for centuries. It is a perfect fit for you home.

The next truss is a Queen Post. The Queen Post has a similar design to the standard truss, however, it is equipped with a tie beam. A tie beam is also used. Queen Post also uses two posts in order to give the truss it’s name. These posts add strength as well as emphasize window placements in the gable.

It is the King Post is third type of Truss. The King Post is located in the gable and has two struts per side, which adds the strength. A hammer beam is the fourth kind of the truss. It requires the knowledge of an engineer in order to set it up. Its final form is called the scissor. Two beams criss-cross each other in order to create a unique look that doesn’t sacrifice the strength or endurance. You can find more details about the various forms of trusses here in this video.


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