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A l is for the kid. This article will highlight what the differences are between public and private pre-k , so you can make the right option.

A good source of information are moms of other children. Meet with friends and share their stories in both intimate and public spaces. It’s a firsthand account of what you’ll experience. In the video, two mothers are interviewed by the media to find out why one chose to attend one public school while one chose a private.

The price is an important factor for this selection, but the moms did not say that cost came to play a significant role in their selection. The mom who picked a public school explained that she picked it due to the fact that the school was believed to be the top, while another mom opted for private school due to a certain curriculum that was a great help to socialize with her kid.

A third piece of the puzzle is the diversity. Certain parents wish for their children exposed to children of different backgrounds. They also want some element of the culture to be shared by every child, as the children in a pre-school that is based on religion.

In any case, both moms stated the importance of speaking with other moms before making a decision. To read more about this, click on the link below.


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