Common Causes of Corroded Piping – Work Flow Management

Pp pipe is prone to corroding under certain conditions. In this video, you are going to be taught about some of these conditions.

If the corrosion has become severe enough, you could be at risk of flooding and damage. Make sure you have the plumbing repairs performed by professionals. It can be tempting at fixing the problem yourself. But, it could cause more issues. The process can result in the corrosion of pipes if they aren’t soldered. Other amateur plumbers leave lots of flux in pipes after they have completed the soldering process. It can cause corrosion because it is broken up and accumulates inside the piping.

Another major contributors to the problem is water itself. The heater’s water will constantly try to dissolve any kind of metal. That is why there is the anode rod of metal that is designed to take the brunt of this attack. It is essential to keep it in good condition and replaced regularly. The water could cause the steel to begin to corrode around its interior. The result is that metal particles are left in your water that could ruin your copper pipes.


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